Walk This Way - In Good Works

Stacy Warner
Now I realize that Labor Day can be quite busy.  With travel, celebrations, and plain ol' time off, it can be a crazy weekend.  I don't know if you were disturbed in your festivities over the holiday weekend, but the clanging of bindings and chains falling to the ground last Sunday should have been palpable.
"Good works are not opposite of Grace.  Good works are a result of Grace." -Matt Graves
This saying is worthy of memorizing.  If we can comprehend this quote's deep yet simple meaning, our spiritual walk cannot help but be impacted and changed forever.
I have always been somewhat of a railfan.  You know, people who like trains.  Ever since my Grandmother took me to the train yard to watch trains when I was 6 or 7, I have loved them.  It remains one of my most cherished memories of her.
On the topic of trains, the distance between the rails of the U.S. standard gauge is exactly 4 feet 8 ½ inches—seems like a fairly random measurement.  Have you ever wondered why? Some believe the story goes something like this.
The first railroads in the United States were designed by English engineers and this measurement is used as the standard gauge in England.  This is because this is the same measurement used in earlier Wagonways, the predecessor of the railroads.  This mode of transport dates back to around 600 B.C. in ancient Greece.
These Wagonways were based on the average width of roads at the time, mostly originating from Roman roads.
These roads were originally carved by Roman chariots and were well used and extensive.  Any wagons that did not conform to this measurement risked being damaged or at least making traveling more difficult.  
Now, these chariots (known as biga) accommodated two horses.  So to some degree or another, it is fair to say that the standard U.S. railway gauge was arrived at by the distance required to accommodate 2 horses' behinds.
Sometimes our theological ideas of "Good Works" that have been passed down to us are like those horses rears and railroads.  They have no relationship to what we should be trying to accomplish and they leave a mess for us to try and clean up.
If you are like me, the initial sensation after accepting Christ as your Savior was "Now that you're saved, GET BUSY!"….  And this can be devastating and eliminate any joy, zealousness or power in the work that God has for you any given day or throughout your life.  

— Good works are not opposite of Grace.  Good works are a result of Grace. —

God does not wish to enslave you to servitude or tally up your service hours.  He wants to impact and change the world and He invites you to join in this endeavor with Him (From God vs. For God).  The moment you realize the scoreboard has been shut down and you are now on a mission to love people in a way that makes them curious about Jesus, every day can be an adventure and every encounter can have eternal significance.
Here's to hoping you enjoy and pursue fervently the "good things He planned for you long ago."
(Ephesians 2:10)

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