Walking In Freedom

You know how squirrels are always darting out in the road trying to cross, some make it, some don’t, the ones that don’t make it could have if they would’ve stayed on course. I realized years ago, my spiritual life was a lot like that of a squirrel in that I would try to cross the road to that freedom I kept hearing about but I just couldn’t make it to the other side. The demands of the legalistic system I was caught up in would make me feel like I would never be good enough, so instead of crossing the road, I’d turn around and run back to the other side.

It wasn’t until I picked up my Bible and started digging for myself that I could understand the truth in the Bible and rest in Christ.

Colossians 2 : 6-10 was one of the first passages that caught my attention. Since I have received Christ, walk in Him, I am complete! I didn’t fully understand that at first, but the more I read and studied the word and discussing with like minded people, it became real to me and I was able to drop my squirrel tendencies and get across that road to the FREEDOM I had been chasing. Are you walking in that freedom, or still trying to cross the road?

— Chris Williams

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