Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

Chris Williams

When I heard the title of Bobbie Nell’s message Sunday, I thought to myself, “this ain’t funny God, it’s my week to share and you gave me beauty.” There are a lot of words I would use to describe myself, but beauty would never come up. He did give me another word that I believe would be in the same category, WORTH.

This week, 10/6, marks 31 years my dad has been gone. When he died, the devil began dropping little nuggets in my mind. What kind of God loves you but steals your dad from you? God is mad at you. Little by little even at 12 years old, the mind games the enemy played with me robbed me of my feeling of worth, it turned me into an angry and bitter person. For the next 21 years, all thru school, thru the first years of marriage and raising my family it affected every aspect of my life.

But God was always right there and never gave up on me. 33 years old I began to read the Bible for myself and not just take people’s word for it. Then I began to study with a group of men, they were just starting Ephesians, which is a great place to start. 2:10 jumped out at me,

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.

Another translation says we are God’s masterpiece. I never saw myself as a masterpiece, or worth anything, but there it was, I’m not just any masterpiece, I’m God’s masterpiece!! I am so beautiful and worth so much, and He was so rich in mercy, that He gave His son for ME.

Ephesians 2: 4-10—read that truth.

Rest in it. Walk in it. Stand on it!


One of our favorite songs here at Heritage is “You Say” by Lauren Daigle. The first line of the song is this – “I keep fighting voices in my head that say I’m not enough.”

Are there voices in your head telling you lies? What are they saying?

Remember what Bobbie Nell proclaimed “those voices are not of God, He would never talk to [you] that way, He would never tell [you] that [you] are not enough.

“What advice would you give someone who is trying to overcome the lies from the enemy with the truths of who God says you are?

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