What A Reason To Celebrate

Bill Morel

As Matt’s message on Sunday sinks in I think about this year.  It seems that every time there is a hint of good news the next thing you hear is negative.  However, for those that have put their faith in Christ, we don’t have to get bogged down by all the negativity going on around us.  Like we tell the kids back in Kid City, “God’s Got It!”

Sunday morning, Matt mentioned Galatians 3:10 where Paul tells the Galatians and us that those who are trying to earn righteousness by following the law are cursed. It is impossible for humans to follow the complete law.  We can’t even follow the top 10.  Paul goes on in verse 11 to say that faith is the only way to righteousness.  We are not capable of righteousness on our own.   Without faith and a relationship with Jesus, we have nothing beyond our abilities.  But when we put our faith in Christ, we gain access to the power of God.  We can then celebrate one of my favorite passages of scripture, Romans 8:1, “Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”  It’s not about what we do but about what Christ did.  Once Jesus dealt with sin on the cross, he took down every barrier of the law.  Belief and faith in Christ are all that’s required for us to be made righteous and walk in the power of God through this crazy world.

It’s not about what we do but about what Christ did.

What better way to end this crazy year than with the Christmas season?  Celebrating the birth of the One who came to this earth for the sole purpose of erasing the curse and the power of the law. It is because of the cross I can sincerely say Merry Christmas!!

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