That’s So Cliché - Better Safe Than Sorry

Matt Knight

“Everything Happens For a Reason.” That was Pastor Matt’s title to his sermon Sunday. I know we all have been told that very statement at some point in our life. It is so strange to me that we will just sometimes say things with good intentions that just aren’t true. Like Matt said Sunday, “We live in a broken and fallen world and bad things happen!”This was on my heart this morning as I reflected on Sunday’s message. My sister passed away a year ago today from colon cancer. We have no idea why my sister Shelli got colon cancer at such an early age with 4 small kids. She was adopted so I imagine there may have bee

n some family history we knew nothing about. With all that being said, the most resounding thing that stood out from everyone that spoke to me and others about Shelli was how strong and positive she was with her fight over 5 years with cancer.

However, my sister Shelli would be very quick to tell you that she was weak but it was HIS strength that helped her battle the disease. It was HIS comfort that she rested in! You see my sister knew the source of real strength, peace, and comfort. While she was weak HE was strong! (2 Corinthians 12:9 & Romans 8:26)

That is why we are insistent about knowing our identity in Christ as believers here at Heritage. Once we realize that Christ is in us and we are in Him, we can then REST in HIS strength and comfort here on earth.

So REST on HIS finished work on the cross for eternal life and our life here and now.

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