The Body - How It's Built

Randy Hagar
We had another powerful word from Matt Sunday. Matt talked about being a part of the "capital B church" instead of the "small b church." I really like that Matt prays for other churches every week. Our elder word each week is to take the sermon a little deeper. It's kind of funny that this week's verses are verses I've been studying for several weeks. The verses in Ephesians chapter 2:14-22 explain the foundation that the prophets and apostles laid. It also shows that Jesus is the cornerstone, and we are the building.
This means that the foundation of my house is done; it cannot be moved. It's permanent. The foundation that the prophets and the apostles and the law were based upon is permanent. It's done. Jesus is the cornerstone. What he did is permanent.
The house that is being built upon the foundation is the church. It is being made of you and me and is all-inclusive. Matt gave reference to the verses about two groups into one. That is the church. When Jesus came, He fulfilled the law and the prophets. What we have now is a church with Jesus as head and us as the body.
Matt gave us a list of every spiritual blessing. I think this list is excellent. I wanted to share this list with you because I believe it's important.
In Christ we have:
"life that cannot be forfeited;
a relationship that can never be revoked;
ighteousness that can never be tarnished;
an acceptance that can never be questioned;
a standing that can never be disputed;
justification that can never be overturned;
a seal that can never be violated;
an inheritance that can never be alienated;
a portion that can never be denied;
a peace that can never be destroyed;
love that can never be abated;
a joy that can never be surpassed;
a grace that can never be depleted;
a strength that can never be weakened;
we have the power they can never be exhausted;
salvation that can never be annulled;
forgiveness that can never be rescinded;
deliverance that can never be thwarted;
assurance that can never be dishonored;
a new nature that can never be changed;
fruit of the spirit that can never be destroyed;
we have access that can never be blocked;
we have comfort that can never be absent;
a message that can never be repressed;
we have a Bible that can never be destroyed;
an intercessor who can never be disqualified;
a Victor who could never be vanquished;
a resurrection that can never be reversed;
we have a hope that cannot be disappointed;
we have been given all these things in Christ.
By anonymous.
I hope that we can really understand this in our lives. It's powerful.
We have such an abundance of blessings in our life it's incredible.

This means that the foundation of my house is done; it cannot be moved. It's permanent.

One of my goals as a small group leader is to try to get them to see all the blessings God gives us. I was in Memphis a few months ago for my eye exam, and I was really worried about the bright sun driving home with my eyes dilated. Guess what. God put a cloud over the sun until I turned north and out of the sun. If we aren't looking for God's blessings, we will miss them. Be on the lookout, folks. Blessings are everywhere!
I want to remind everyone on May 2, we have an all-family gathering. There will be games and door prizes. Invite a friend.

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