We want Heritage to be a place where you can BE YOU, you can BE KNOWN, and you can BE FREE.

Come as you are. That’s not just lip service! Religion will tell you that you have to get yourself cleaned up or fixed up before you can come to a building, or before God will have anything to do with you. At Heritage, we believe that Jesus tells us to come to Him just as we are and allow Him to work out what he has already done on the inside. So whatever circumstances you may find yourself in, don’t let that keep you from coming to hear the truth about God’s grace and love in your life!

Everyone wants to be known. We weren’t created to live life in isolation. We were made for relationships. At Heritage, we have several areas where we have created opportunities for you to Be Known and build relationships with others. Whether you just want to start out casually and connect on Sunday mornings, or you want to build deeper, more intimate relationships with others, we have ways to get you plugged in and connected with others to build community and live life together!

“It was for freedom that Jesus set us FREE.” That was the Apostle Paul to the Church at Galatia. At Heritage, we take that seriously! So much of what we do and what we believe centers around you knowing who you are as a child of God and walking in that FREEDOM. Free from religion, free from judgement, free from condemnation, free from shame, free from guilt! And FREE to BE who you are!

We want you to know, you are always welcome at Heritage! Hope to see you this Sunday!