When a handful of people came together in 1999 to begin a new church in Texarkana, the primary question was, “Why?”  There were already churches everywhere, so why add to the mix?  That question would be answered in the passion to be a church that was different from the other churches in the Ark-La-Tex, but what did that mean in specific terms?

It would take almost ten years to arrive at what we believe is the radical answer to that question.  Our vision is simply put, “To create a church that unchurched people like.”  Told you it was different!  You see, most churches are designed with church people in mind.  Is that wrong?  Not really, but that is not who God has called us to be. Thousands of people in Texarkana are considered unchurched and most of these are unbelievers.  Our passion is to reach them, and we believe to reach them we must be radical!  Here is a thought: “To reach the people no one else is reaching, we have to do the things no one else is doing.”

As a result we are seeing the hand of God work in special ways among us and in our community.  There is a buzz in T-town about our music, our teaching style and our community groups, not to mention the exploding student and children’s ministries.  When you come visit, you will notice the casual clothing, the casual atmosphere and you may even hear a Beatles song or Bon Jovi!  Why?  We want the unchurched to immediately recognize things they know and then take them on an intentional journey that leads them to consider the person and work of Jesus.  You know, Jesus was great at this in His teaching ministry:  His parables used everyday things to build a bridge to spiritual truth.

In fulfilling our vision we have an obvious strategy that moves people from foyer environments for “guests” to living room environments for “friends” and kitchen environments for “family”.  To learn more about this, check out our GroupLink page.

For believers who come to Heritage, we ask them to join us in the “invest and invite” strategy to bring their unchurched friends and family to Christ.  They also have the opportunity to develop deep friendships with other believers through our Community Groups.  In these groups you will have weekly fellowship, Bible study, prayer and ministry.  Over the years we have seen people’s lives change in extraordinary ways for the glory of God.  Join one today!