Jamaica 2019 will be June 11-18. Watch the video above to get just a taste of what we experienced on our first trip in 2017. We had the privilege of seeing firsthand over 2000 Jamaicans of all ages make a decision to follow Jesus!! On this third return trip we will partner again with Next Generation Mission and Jamaica Youth for Christ. They provide safety and direction for our team, and they follow up with any one who makes decisions so they can grow in their faith. Our team will share the Gospel through testimonies, music, skits, and puppet shows at local schools, orphanages, hospitals and communities.

The Bible is freely preached on the island, even in schools, making the Gospel quite easy to share. This trip will be a great opportunity to share faith and testimonies. However, we can’t do this alone, so this is where YOU come in! Our team members need your prayer and financial support to be able to go. Please pray about joining our support team by donating to the team or an individual team member. Thank you for helping us on this important mission.

You can make a donation to the whole TEAM:

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