About us



OUR MISSION - to equip believers for the work of ministry and reach the lost.
OUR VISION to transform Texarkana.
HOW WE DO THAT - love people in a way that makes them curious about Jesus.

God is transforming texarkana and we want you to be a part of that.


In May of 1999 a group of 29 people began meeting together for Bible study and worship. In June 1999 this small group of people were blessed to be able to use the old Western Store building as a temporary place of worship. In July of 1999 fifty nine people joined together in the formal organization of Heritage Baptist Church.
Less than a year later in March of 2000 the church purchased 26.4 acres of land where the current Heritage campus is located with a dream of building a state-of-the-art facility to call its own. By December of 2000 a special offering was taken on Christmas Eve and the land was paid in full!
The first phase of construction for permanent worship facilities began in January of 2002 . And it wasn't long before we were in a second phase of building to make room for the growth of our congregation and children's ministry. As Heritage continued to grow, it became apparent that a new way of church was needed. To create the church that we believed God wanted us to be, a new strategy was needed. This strategy can be summed up like this - we focus on steps, not programs. We believe that God is transforming the mind of every believer, and this transformation occurs in community with others rather than in programs. So groups became our new strategy.
And it still is today. We believe that God transforms the mind of every believer as they step out of isolation and into community - and community is about doing life together. As we consider all that God has done throughout the history of Heritage, we are more excited than ever as we move forward in the ministry that God has entrusted us with to transform Texarkana and the surrounding areas.

Partner with us.

Our Story is filled with unique stories, much like yours. We would love for you to be a part of the story at Heritage.